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ew Experience JB Special Edition

Credits and big thanks to:

-autoradio78 for orignal ROM Orignal ROM
- Cyanogenmod Team for base rom;
- percy_g2
- JerryScript and Squadzone for center clock fix source;
- san122 for slideable mods;
- DrunkenMaster betatester;
- F4uzan for activo speeder;
- MatrixDJ96 for universal odex script;
- All xda developers.

Screenies,Downloads,Tips in Post#2,#3,#4

================================================== =====
[Cyanogenmod 7.2] New Experience v 10.1 by DC07
================================================== =====

Graphics ed Utility

- Holo Launcher v2.0.3;
- Presetted Holo Sauncher settings;
- ICS\JB apk theme full modded by me;
- New Transitions Jelly Bean style);
- Presetted lockscreen style;
- Presetted lockscreen widget style;
- Resized for LDPI choose lock pattern and tutorial;
- Resized for LDPI choose lock password;
- Resized for LDPI choose lock pin;
- New SystemUI.apk full expandend (hide statusbar when pulldown) in perfect cm10 style with slide Jelly Bean Header for brightness control;
- Presetted Stausbar battery style in CM percentage;
- Resized power widget indicator in statusbar;
- Fixed hide indicator of power widget option in SystemUI.apk: now indicator disapper after select checkbox;
- Fixed hide the notification pulldown after toggling a widget button option;
- Atypic feedback in statusbar fixed;
- New DownloadProvider.apk with notification in statusbar in JB Style;
- New Music.apk with notification in statusbar in JB Style and new theme;
- New CMParts for native clock customizations (hide, center, color, am-pm etc), Statusbar customization (change color, trasparency of statusbar and notification background) and applications settings (startup and system application manager);
- In CMParts.apk there are only options for our mini (deleted some option for camera focus, trackball unlock etc);
- Removed alert dialog (Warning! Dragon Heart etc) in performance settings option in CMParts.apk;
- Resized color picker for clock, statusbar, notification pulldown, power widget indicator color and contacts;
- New Settings.apk with icon and text format in ICS-JB style, New Experience Logo, New Experience Version and Developer ID;
- New cm7 stock Gallery3D.apk;
- Hecker's Keyboard with hidden icon in app drawer;
- New CMScreenshot.apk ported from CyanMobile in JB Style with camera click sound;
- Changed default folder for screenshot: now we can find it in sdcard\DCIM\New Experience Screenshot;
- New shortcut in Settings\Cyanogenmod\System for sim exporter, native battery calibration, native touchscreen calibration, compass, Startup Manager, System Application Manager, Samsung secret codes, Dev tools and Spare Parts);
- New shortcut in Settings\Cyanogenmod\Interface for native font changer;
- New S2E shortcut in Settings\Cyanogenmod\Appications;
- Removed app Rescan Media Root and added link at Settings\CyanogenMod\System for native restart scanner via DevTools.
- Ability to change bootanimation (Settings\cyanogenmod\Interface);
- Ram Optimizer by Delanoister n BNC in Settings\Cyanogenmod \Performance
- Compass app icon hidden in app drawer;
- Tablet Tweaks (softkey) enabled in a framework;
- Cm7 default font;
- Gallery 3D replaced with QuickPic as user application;
- Camerasound on\off patch by autoradio78;
- Videosound on\off patch by autoradio78;
- New Experience Wallpapers renewed: only 4.5 Mb with fantastic wallpapers;
- New Experience bootanimation logo and default wallpaper;
- New tones from JB AOKP arrangement(only useful tones).


- New menu in Cyanogenmod Performance settings for Low Memory Kill and SD Read Ahead cache;
- Adrenaline boost by ImbaWind;
- Setperm tweak by me;
- Bravia Engine;
- build.prop new tweaks;
- Dalvik set at 48m to default;
- KSM Disabled;
- Compcache disabled;
- Dithering disabled;
- 16 bit trasparency enabled;
- Scrolling cache disabled to default;
- HOT!!!! Beats Sound with Dolby Mobile in DPS Manager for perfect sound;
- Performance OC Kernel to 806 mhz;
- Ability to install unknown source applications at first boot;
- Removed airplane mode at first boot;
- Disabled mobile data at first boot;
- Dsabled data roaming at first boot;
- Presetted on "GSM Only" network preference;
- Pre-patched host file (adaway) for not have advertisemant in applications.


- Stock CM7 SMS/MMS;
- CyanMobile advanced Taskmanager;
- SuperSu app and binary;
- Gapps in build with latest Google Play Store 4.3.11;
- Disabled Setup Wizard at first boot;
- Deleted Voice Dialer TTS;
- Deleted Pico TTS;
- Deleted Theme Chooser and Theme Provider;
- Deleted CM Update Notify;
- Deleted CM Stats;
- Deleted Protips;
- Deleted Genie Widget;
- Deleted LatinIME cm7 default keyboard;
- Hacker's Keyboard;
- s2e;
- CPU Temp Widget;
- SGSII digital clock Widget ICS style by autoradio78;
- File Manager;
- Achep Timer and Stopwatch app;
- GPS Country Optimizer;
- LMT Pie Control.


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