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 * Your warranty is now void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
#read also
 * this ROM originally created for Ace GT S5830
 * but now im ported this for Young GT S5360,
 * i can't test this build for long time,
 * cause i tested its with my friend device

CM7.2 Reincarnation ROM Series v.6 Final 1 | S4 Edition

With Aroma Installer, this rom give your customization
1. Select your GPS continent
2. Select your GPS country, you can leave its, if your country not appearence.
3. Option to install In2extV2+ unofficial script tby Stryke to expand your internal storage at flashing.

> 2.3.8 Bluetooth versions
> Reincarnation Engine v.4
> Adrenaline Boost PRIME
> Better Battery life
> Build.prop tweaks (very clean tweaks)
> Built in flash player 11
> Faster GPS lock
> Full GPU rendering
> Integrated host file for adblocker
> Media profile tweaks
> Reincardio Engine, give excellent music quality and best overall audio engine
> Removed beep volume panel
> WIfi tehering really work fine
> Pre-Installed (optional) in2extv2+ script to expand your internal storage..

Features and Interface
> S4 Launcher
> S4 Lockscreen with real flare effect and sound effects,
> S4 Styled Statusbar
> Stock My files
> Stock Memo, modded and renamed to S Memo
> Stock CM Calendar modded and renamed to S Planner
> Stock CM Calculator modded
> Stock Touchwiz Desk Clock
> Samsung Keypad
> S4 Music player
> Quicpic gallery
> Samsung stock task manager
> Samsung digital clock widget
> Added Proximity Lockscreen
> Videos like stock samsung video app
> Beautifull CyanogenMod Lockscreen
> Added Photo Clock Widget
> Modded and Included Camera Flash fix
> 2.3.8 Screenshot apps
> Android 4.x title bar
> Android 4.x notification panel
> Android 4.x window animation and transition.
> Android 4.x security lockscreen
> New Touchwiz boot animation
> 29 Beauty touchwiz Wallpaper included
> LMT Launcher
> Device owner in statusbar and about device
> Google Now Search Widget
> Font Changer
> LMT Launcher
> Statusbar Color Settings
> Super SU

### v.6 Final 1

## Fixed
* Calling dialpad

## Re-Themed
* Beats Manager
* Browser
* Deskclock
* Download
* Email
* framework-res
* Gallery Quickpic
* Google Search
* Launcher
* My Files
* Package Installer
* Phone
* Settings
* Setup Wizard
* SystemUI
* Task Manager
* Torch
* Videos
* Voice Recorder

## Removed
* MIUI Music
* Superuser
* Statusbar option on Aroma

## Added
* Adrenaline boost PRIME
* About Rom
* A Logcat
* Music player by HPlus Label
* Device owner in statusbar and about device
* Google Now Search Widget
* Font Changer
* LMT Launcher
* Statusbar Color Settings
* Super SU

## Updated
* Gallery quickpic
* Playstore 4.8.20

## Improved
* Beats Manager (change some presset)
* Launcher(more smoother), change some config (disable shake wallpaper features)
* Reincarnation Engine Updated to v.4 with special setting
* Reincardio Engine added some driver and fixed failed driver load

> Some black on blue on contact picker,, 
> All whats working on CM7.2 RC4 features is working in this versions, you can tell me if i wrong..
> Submit bugs Here

> Imbawind for part of Adrenaline Engine
> Slaid480 for Part of Fly On Mod
> Geva28 for Beats Manager
> Probcomp for SMS Popup Notifier
> Amarullz for AROMA INSTALLER
UOT Kitchen for Room Theming
> Shlnarang for S4 Launcher
> RedX Entertainment for Video Manager.apk
> VavanL for Guide to remove beep volume panel
> Ace i Team, sniper killer and iamareebjamal for give me some knowledge with on off settings guide
> SladyMhmd for On Off Setting Source
> Team nexus for modded GoogleSearchBox and get some knowledge with their Sources
> iamareebjamal for Guide add custom image to about phone and Add JB easter egg
> Spacecaker for some icon from their rom SGS III / IV JB Rom and Guide 4.2 Statusbar for GB
> Zeppelinrox for fixfc script binary
> Stryke for Unofficial Script Int2extv2+
> All developers of TouchWiz Resurrection ROM, my inspire ROM and some sources file.
> Nightwalker for Guide Owner pic on about phone
> b16h22 for Guide Owner pic on expanded statusbar
> Maria Ozawa for Gradient color settings
> Chainfire for SuperSU
> HPlus Label for Decxaf Music Player

Special Thanks
2. Bieltv.3 and Team BroadcomCM for CM7.2 RC4 ROM base

How to Install : Flash via CWM to full wipe for bugfree
Recommended to use Bieltv3 kernel

If from Stock Based Custom ROM
1. Flash back to stock via ODIN
2. Root your devices
3. Flash CWM Recovery
4. Mount data, system, cache.
5. Flash EXT4 Formatter
5. Flash bieltv3 kernel
6. go to advanced, and reboot recovery
7. Wipe Data
8. Wipe Cache Partitions
9. Wipe Dalvik Cache
10. Format system
12. Format cache
13. Format data
14. Mount system for 2 times, ( your screen will show "Unmounted" even first one already unmounted, but still you need to mount system for 2 times )
15. Mount Data
16. Mount cache
17. Install Zip from SD Card
18. Reboot

If from CM7 Based ROM
1. Wipe Data
2. Wipe Cache Partitions
3. Wipe Dalvik Cache
4. Format system
5. Format cache
6. Format data
7. Mount system for 2 times, ( your screen will show "Unmounted" first already unmounted, but still you need to mount system for 2 times )
8. Mount Data
9. Mount cache
10. Install Zip from SD Card
11. Reboot

Download Link :
- 08/06/2014 http://www.mediafire.com/download/7i...l_1_totoro.zip

Bieltv.3 cm7.2 spesific basic kernel http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2673603

EXT4 Formatter

Screenshot from Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830 version.

ORIGINAL THREAD:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2687550


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